Ever-Green Energy helps campuses and communities meet the needs of their energy customers, allowing their end-use customers to focus on their core business. The systems we develop and manage help our clients provide reliable and locally-produced energy to diverse customers that in turn provide critical community services like colleges, hospitals, commercial buildings, apartments, entertainment venues, and government services. Ever-Green has a history of working collaboratively with businesses, health care and education campuses, and communities to advance integrated energy systems that not only work today, but are flexible enough to meet future needs of their customers.


Higher Education

Ever-Green has guided the development of systems for well-established and newly-developing campuses for public and private institutions. We understand the complexities of retrofitting historic buildings, balancing costs, updating energy facilities and assets, and planning around academic schedules and complex stakeholder obligations. Our team has extensive expertise in how to engage your stakeholders in your planning process including students, faculty, administration, city leadership, and local neighborhood and community groups. Alongside technical advancement, our team has managed to develop groundbreaking community engagement and education programming through our EcoDistrict education model.

Bemidji, MN

Bemidji State University

Greenhouse Gas Reduction through Biomass Integration
Oberlin campus
Oberlin, Ohio

Oberlin College

Carbon Neutral Campus Resource Plan, Implementation Strategy, and Economic Approach
Milwaukee Regional Medical Center thermal 1

Health Care

Ever-Green is a trusted partner in meeting the energy demands of the health care industry. Our team operates and manages Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal serving a regional medical campus. We have helped this system transition from coal to natural gas, commission a new plant, and onboard and train new operators. Our team will continue to guide improvements to increase reliability of energy services. Beyond Milwaukee, each community energy system that we operate has hospitals, medical centers, and medical clinics in its customer base and we understand the importance of reliability and cost-effectiveness for these systems. Our team works closely with health care customers to assess their needs and to support the critical services that they provide to their communities and patients.

Milwaukee Regional Medical Center thermal 1
Wauwatosa, WI

Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal

Reliability for Critical Care
Rochester, MN

Destination Medical Center

Building Energy Infrastructure into Large-Scale Redevelopment

Local Government

Ever-Green works closely with local governments including cities and counties to develop new energy projects, to manage utility operations, and to optimize legacy energy systems. We are seen as the industry expert in public-private partnership to develop systems that are uniquely positioned to serve the public and private sector partners in a system. Municipalities also rely on our team for their most critical energy demands, such as health and human services, public housing, laboratories, and IT infrastructure including a shared fiber and service to critical data centers. Our team can work with you and your stakeholders to build a resilient and local energy system that will support the economic growth of your community into the future.

District Energy St Paul
Saint Paul, MN

District Energy St. Paul

Partnership and Innovation
Rice Creek Commons
Arden Hills, MN

Rice Creek Commons

Net-Zero Energy Redevelopment through Planning
Saint Paul MN


Communities are playing an unprecedented role in defining the future of energy for their residents and businesses. Whether it is for new development or advancing local systems, Ever-Green is the right partner to help define short and long-term vision and implementation strategies. Our team can work with your community group, civic association, business, or local government to define efficient and cost-effective strategies for your localized energy system. We can balance the important tasks of understanding and addressing each stakeholder’s needs and concerns, while customizing a plan that provides a balance between short-term development goals and the long-term energy vision. Our team’s first-hand knowledge of technology, public policy, and operations provides our clients with the confidence to successfully develop sustainable energy systems that are integrated into the fabric of the community.

Tower Side
Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN


Sustainability through Partnership
Burlington, VT

Burlington Renewable District Heating

Reducing Carbon through Community Energy

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