Arlington, VA

Arlington County Courthouse Square Neighborhood

District Planning

Feasibility study and implementation planning
Arlington County

The Courthouse Square neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia is poised for major development, creating the opportunity to integrate new, efficient energy solutions, leveraging emerging technologies. Arlington County is leading the effort to develop these energy solutions alongside new construction and building renovations. This work is guided by energy master planning completed for this neighborhood and is a continuation of the work established by the Arlington County Community Energy Plan (CEP).

The Courthouse neighborhood features a diverse and unique group of public and private buildings that include four buildings owned or controlled by the County. The County buildings consist of administrative offices, a courthouse, police headquarters (judicial center), and a detention center. The development area also included residential, hotel, retail, commercial and office buildings. The study area included approximately 40 buildings, 28 of which were surveyed.

Ever-Green Energy’s Role: Ever-Green Energy completed an initial feasibility study and implementation plan for this district system, including the identification of low-temperature heating, district cooling, and combined heat and power integration.

Proposed Solution for the District
The proposed district energy system was modeled to operate in conjunction with existing steam and hot water boilers in order to most efficiently serve connected loads. The proposed CHP plant would generate electricity throughout the year, serving as base-load to the system. This would reduce electric grid demands for the judicial center and detention center by over 800 kW. Adding CHP at the judicial center/detention center campus would also provide the neighborhood with the ability to operate as a microgrid in the event of a disruption on the electric grid, providing the County with a greater energy security. Implementation of the northern district energy system solution is predicted to achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions of approximately 20%, while the recommended southern district energy solution is predicted to achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions of approximately 63%.

Technologies Considered: low-temperature district heating, district cooling, CHP, solar photovoltaic, wastewater energy capture, thermal storage

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