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DEC Energy

Planning for System Growth

Energy master planning, business development, financing strategies, organizational structuring, efficiency improvement
District Energy Corporation

District Energy Corporation (DEC) is a nonprofit, interlocal agency that was formed in 1989 by the city of Lincoln and Lancaster County that provides innovative, efficient, and low-cost utility services to facilities in the city of Lincoln. DEC meets the heating and cooling needs of its customers with district heating and cooling systems. Existing DEC systems serve close to 2.8 million square feet. DEC selected Ever-Green Energy to develop an energy master plan that will help evaluate DEC’s potential for growth and establish a clear plan for further integrating into the community.

Ever-Green Energy’s Role: Ever-Green Energy is working with the stakeholders of DEC to develop an energy master plan. The process includes developing detailed plans for the system’s infrastructure development, potential energy assets, customer evaluation, energy service rates, organizational restructuring, and financial modeling. Throughout master planning, Ever-Green helped DEC engage businesses and the community to share project goals and measure expansion potential.


  • Evaluate options for enhance customer outreach
  • Identify opportunities for system growth
  • Identify opportunities for system efficiency optimization
  • Evaluate organizational and financial strategies that can enable growth
  • Develop a detailed plan for system growth

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