Rochester, MN

Destination Medical Center

Building Energy Infrastructure into Large-Scale Redevelopment

Energy planning
DMC Corporation Board

Over the next 20 years, the City of Rochester, along with a partnership of public and private entities, has endeavored to invest more than $6 billion to create the Destination Medical Center (DMC). Ever-Green Energy was selected to collaborate with the Center for Energy and Education (CEE) to provide the DMC Corporation (DMCC) Board with options for how this considerable development can meet climate and energy goals outlined in the DMC Sustainability Framework. The plan focuses on options for the two earliest developments, Heart of the City and Discovery Square, which constitute approximately 50% of the upcoming development. The project objectives are to review local conditions and integrate cross-sector stakeholder needs; provide technical and evidence-based information about the current energy system; and provide possibilities for synergies and coordination on future investments that can advance local, low-carbon energy solutions.

The project team identified the following primary recommendations that are now under implementation:

  • Establish Heart of the City and Discovery Square as the Sustainable Energy Zone.
  • Capture all cost-effective efficiency improvements in the Zone.
  • Optimize district energy investments that serve buildings within the Zone for reliability, energy cost, and carbon savings.
  • Maximize renewable energy serving the Zone.
  • Pursue broad engagement to promote and develop a culture of sustainability.
  • Form an Energy Integration Committee between EDA, City, RPU, MERC, and Mayo Clinic.

Destination Medical Center: Sustainable Energy Options

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