San Francisco, CA

Mission Rock

Planning for Waterfront Revitalization

Energy system development, operation, and management
Seawall Lot 337 Associates, LLC, master developer

Mission Rock is one of the most prominent sites and a key gateway development in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. The sustainability vision for Mission Rock is for 100% of the energy use to come from renewable sources and to design and build high-efficiency buildings. Additional requirements include zero use of potable water for non-potable purposes. To achieve this vision, the San Francisco Giants are collaborating with the City of San Francisco, the San Francisco Port Authority, and Ever-Green to explore options for a sustainable, resilient, reliable, and cost-effective energy solutions.

The proposed district energy system, which will leverage energy from the local wastewater system of San Francisco Bay, would save approximately 5 million gallons of water each year. The district energy system would also eliminate 1.6 million gallons of sewer discharge each year, which reduces the need for water treatment and associated chemicals. Using bay water or wastewater as an energy exchange solution would eliminate the combustion of all natural gas at Mission Rock, reducing carbon emissions by nearly 2,400 tons per year upon full site development, the equivalent of removing 1,781 cars per year.

Implementation of district energy for Mission Rock will be a key step towards achieving the environmental vision for the development, while providing building owners and tenants a lower and more stable cost of energy. District energy system development will coincide with overall site development, with system design progressing through 2018 to support obtainment of necessary approvals and overall system financing.

Ever-Green Energy’s Role: Ever-Green Energy will lead the project team of Affiliated Engineers, Inc. and Whiting-Turner Construction to design, develop, operate, and manage a district energy system that can serve the tenants of Mission Rock while meeting the client’s goals for energy efficiency, emissions performance, renewable energy integration, and water conservation.

Mission: Create a vibrant and unique mixed-use urban neighborhood focused on a major new public open space at the water’s edge. This new neighborhood should demonstrate the highest quality of design and architecture, and the best in sustainable development with a mix of public and economic uses that creates a public destination which enlivens the Central Waterfront, celebrates the San Francisco Bay shoreline, and energizes development at Mission Bay.

Technology Considered: hot water district heating, district cooling, combined heat and power, bay-water heat rejection and cooling

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