Ever-Green Energy can help your community secure its energy future. Our team understands the complexity and nuances of developing and managing advanced energy systems. We will work with you to apply solutions that are financially viable, build resilience to changing markets and reliability threats, and institute environmental standards and protocols, all without compromising reliability or cost-competitiveness.

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Study and Planning

Ever-Green develops energy master plans and feasibility studies to advance energy systems. It is our commitment to deliver planning results that are implementable and to work with you to see these advancements through implementation. Our team offers a range of services in energy planning and system study with the flexibility to meet your short-term and long-term energy goals. Whether you are seeking to optimize your existing system or to develop a bold new energy plan for your community, we can help you identify opportunities, engage stakeholders, and develop a strategy to meet your energy vision.

Arlington County Courthouse
Arlington, VA

Arlington County Courthouse Square Neighborhood

District Planning
Rice Creek Commons
Arden Hills, MN

Rice Creek Commons

Net-Zero Energy Redevelopment through Planning
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Business Development

Ever-Green can help you develop and refine your business model to enhance your operation’s market viability, stability, and success. Our team can help you and your stakeholders explore the various governance and financing options, evaluate regulations, develop energy service contracts, and structure customer rates to implement a plan that will support your vision. A strong energy business creates a sound foundation for system expansion, while bolstering economic growth in the community it serves.

Tower Side
Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN


Sustainability through Partnership
Milwaukee Regional Medical Center thermal 1
Wauwatosa, WI

Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal

Reliability for Critical Care
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Design and Engineering

Ever-Green can provide full-service design and engineering to meet your project’s unique technical needs. Our team can adeptly work within the unique complexities of historic buildings, existing infrastructure, available capital, and local resources. By overseeing your project from planning through construction, we ensure that your guiding principles are carried through the development phase to system implementation.

Stanford University
Stanford, CA

Stanford University

Steam to Hot Water Transition
Montpelier VT
Montpelier, VT

District Heat Montpelier

Environmental Benefits for the Community

System Construction

As both an operator and system advisor, Ever-Green has a proven track record of delivering ideas to implementation. We understand the complexities of energy system construction, including permitting, fuel acquisition, and energy customer connection. We understand the importance of keeping projects on schedule and within budget. Our team can help you navigate your project from design through start-up and commissioning.

Energy Park
Saint Paul, MN

Energy Park Utility Company

Brownfield Redevelopment
St Paul Cogen
Saint Paul, MN

St. Paul Cogeneration

Efficiency through CHP
Control Room DE w PL Scott

Operations, Maintenance, and Management

The Ever-Green team has a depth of experience in operating and managing world-class energy systems. We understand the importance of system reliability, maintaining production and distribution systems, customer service, environmental health and safety, and overseeing all the complexities of an energy business. By establishing clear business practices, sound operational teams and procedures, and thoughtful equipment and maintenance schedules your energy system can reliably and cost-effectively meet your customers’ needs while growing your business.

District Energy St Paul
Saint Paul, MN

District Energy St. Paul

Partnership and Innovation
Duluth, MN

Duluth Energy Systems

Transformation through Master Planning
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Advisory Services

Ever-Green can serve as your technical and business advisors. Our team can help your management team with challenging aspects of your business including expanding services, lowering energy costs, improving system efficiency and reliability, upgrading technology, and complying with regulations.

Lincoln, NE

DEC Energy

Planning for System Growth
Pittsburg, PA
Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Allegheny County Thermal

System Revitalization through Energy Master Planning

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