Environment and Sustainability

Ever-Green Energy is committed to operating and managing utilities that promote clean air, clean water, low-carbon solutions, public health, and address the impacts of climate change. We work collaboratively with our operations partners, local communities, and environmental partners to continually improve our operations and contribute to planning for a more sustainable future.

In addition to our utility operations, our team is proud to have four projects moving toward near-term carbon neutrality, with 12 total projects working on decarbonization. We believe that reducing carbon and addressing climate change are critical, and it is inspiring to see these projects moving forward, despite the impacts of COVID-19.

In 2019, Ever-Green adopted a new performance tracking framework for sustainability to increase our accountability to stakeholders and elevate the importance of four high-impact factors in our operations: greenhouse gas emissions profile, system efficiency, water consumption, and fuel mix and renewable energy profile.

Greenhouse Gas Emimssions
System Efficiency
Water Consumption
Fuel Mix & Renewable Energy

In the 2019 Impact Report, we highlight two of those key metrics for the systems we operate and manage. By sharing the greenhouse gas emissions profile and fuel mix for each system, we hope to educate our partners and customers on the importance of decarbonizing our energy systems and maintaining fuel flexibility for reliable systems.

We are also tracking system efficiency and water consumption internally, which are crucial metrics for environmental performance and stewardship.

Climate and Energy Partnerships

Ever-Green is a proud supporter of partners and projects working to educate policymakers, young people, and communities about the impacts of climate change and what we can do to work toward a lower carbon future.

In 2020, Ever-Green participated in or sponsored the following initiatives:

  • Natural Gas Decarbonization Workgroup (Minnesota)
  • Teach Climate Institute (National)
  • Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy, a nationally connected and trusted nonprofit dedicated to climate literacy, climate change education, youth leadership and community engagement for innovative climate change solutions.
Climate & Energy Partnerships
Photo credit: Climate Generation / Steve Niedorf

Environmental Stewardship For
System Operations

Environmental Stewardship For System Operations

It is Ever-Green’s policy to carry out all activities in a manner that minimizes environmental impacts, conserves natural resources, and provides effective stewardship of the environment.

Ever-Green makes environmental management an integral core value and vital part of its culture by:

Integrating environmental considerations into work practices at all levels and informing employees and associates of applicable environmental regulations and Ever-Green requirements.

Providing the resources necessary for employees and associates to conduct their work in accordance with applicable environmental regulations and Ever-Green requirements.

Developing environmental goals and targets relevant to Ever-Green operations.

Promoting pollution prevention, waste minimization and conservation, and the effective use of innovative environmental technologies and practices.

Fostering a work environment in which employees and associates are encouraged to report and raise environmental issues without fear of retaliation.

Continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of environmental management through assessments and performance and cost metrics. Complying with applicable laws, regulations and other promulgated environmental requirements.

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