The International District Energy Association’s System of the Year Award is the highest honor that the association bestows on a district energy system. It recognizes an exemplary district energy system providing high-level performance and service that further the goals of the district energy industry. Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal earned that honor for the transform of its energy system to be a best-in-class model for reliability, efficiency, and performance.

Milwaukee Wins System Of The Year

At Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal, all decisions are made in the exclusive best interests of Milwaukee Regional Medical Center owner-members.  During these challenging times, it is more important than ever that patients can rely on health care systems like the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center. As the Level 1 trauma center for the region, it is clear that the infrastructure and systems supporting the care of individuals and families, training of tomorrow’s physicians and scientists, and study of cures and care must be resilient, reliable, and cost-effective to focus resources on the core mission of health care.

The energy system transformation began with the engagement of campus stakeholders to create a shared vision for the energy system. Through goal-setting discussions it became clear how each stakeholder group defined system success, and a common vision emerged amongst all parties. The medical consortium made a commitment to invest in the modernization of the plant and distribution infrastructure with a clear vision for the energy system’s future.

A team of Ever-Green Energy employees operates, manages, and maintains the system to the highest standards following industry best practices and leveraging the wealth of operational experience across the company. Working closely with customers, the team continues to improve the system with strategic investments, operational processes, and data-based decision making. The success of this transformation and current operations can be attributed to the partnership between Ever-Green Energy and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center. The alignment of vision, clear communication, and focus has allowed the partnership to achieve significant accomplishments to transform a medical campus energy system.