Rice Creek Commons

Rice Creek Commons

Transforming a Brownfield to a Net-Zero Development

Rice Creek Commons is a 427-acre site that is slated for major residential and commercial redevelopment. The redevelopment focuses on creating a vibrant community that can serve as a national model for sustainable redevelopment. The partners developing the site are prioritizing energy infrastructure that can set the standard for efficient building design and low carbon emissions.

Ever-Green’s Role

Ever-Green has been a long-standing advisor to this project, as a civic partner, and as a leader of the energy system master planning project team, which also included the Center for Energy and Environment and Burns & McDonnell. Ever-Green continues to provide support to the implementation phase of development.

Planning for the Future

The redevelopment of the site required an in-depth analysis of policy and implementable energy source and energy conservation methods that are implementable for this site. This analysis resulted in the following key findings:

  • Energy source recommendations include low-temperature district energy system, solar photovoltaic, combined heat and power, and the foundation for a future micro-grid.
  • Locally treated groundwater possesses enough energy to meet all of the thermal needs of the planned Rice Creek Commons residential neighborhoods.
  • Implementation of recommended opportunities can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 70% and potentially reach net-zero status in some areas.