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Ramsey County

Rice Creek Commons is a 427-acre site that is slated for major residential and commercial redevelopment. Rice Creek Commons is unique for its size, prime location, greenfield condition, and potential partnerships. The redevelopment of Rice Creek Commons offers unique and exciting opportunities to build a vibrant community that attracts residents and businesses, and serves as a national model for sustainable redevelopment. The partners are working together to build a forward-looking community that optimizes innovative energy supply systems that can be developed for reliability and resiliency, increases the use of local renewable energy systems that can reduce the environmental impacts, and develop energy efficient buildings.

Ever-Green Energy’s Role: Ever-Green Energy, working with the Center for Energy and Environment and Burns & McDonnell, completed a policy paper and feasibility framework for the project in early 2015. Ever-Green is now supporting Ramsey County in its effort to move the recommended solutions to implementation.

Planning for the Future: The redevelopment of the site required an in-depth analysis of policy and implementable energy source and energy conservation methods that are implementable for this site. This analysis resulted in the following key findings.

  • Energy source recommendations include low-temperature district energy system, solar photovoltaic, combined heat and power, and the foundation for a future micro-grid.
  • Locally treated groundwater possesses enough energy to meet all of the thermal needs of the planned Rice Creek Commons residential neighborhoods.
  • Implementation of recommended opportunities can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 70% and potentially reach net-zero status in some areas.

Stakeholders: Ramsey County, City of Arden Hills, Saint Paul Chamber of Commerce, Energy Resiliency Advisory Board, Metropolitan Council, local utilities, U.S. Army, U.S. Army National Guard.

Technologies Considered: low-temperature district heating and cooling from a remediated water supply, CHP, thermal storage, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, waste heat recovery, biogas, snow melt.

Energy Integration Resiliency Framework Policy White Paper, November 2014

Energy Integration Resiliency Framework, April 2015

Vision: The Energy Resiliency Advisory Board envisions Rice Creek Commons as a vibrant development that leverages long-term energy strategies and infrastructure to attract investment and partnership, and achieves sustainable benefits for Arden Hills and the surrounding community.

The Energy Resiliency Advisory Board includes residents and business leaders from Arden Hills and Ramsey County.

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