Ottawa Canada

Public Services and Procurement Canada

Steam to Hot Water Conversion in Urban Capitol

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) owns and operates seven central heating and cooling plants that serve more than 100 buildings in Canada’s National Capital Area. Seeking to modernize aging infrastructure, improve energy efficiency and cost, enhance safety and reliability, and reduce environmental impact, PSPC selected Ever-Green Energy to advise in its planning to convert Ottawa’s five district heating systems from steam to hot water, and modernize both the heating and cooling systems. PSPC aims to obtain maximum value from existing assets, predictable capitalization and operating costs, best value when establishing generation and distribution capabilities, and ultimately best value for the Canadian taxpayer through a Public-Private Partnership agreement, with a private partner engaged to operate, maintain, and invest in the conversion of existing infrastructure, modernizing the systems while contributing to the government’s sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction objectives.

Ever-Green’s Role

Early in the development of the program, Ever-Green hosted a team from Ottawa in Saint Paul to showcase the District Energy St. Paul system and its operations. Ever-Green has drawn from our experience transitioning district systems from steam to hot water in the context of a dense, urban capitol setting. As PSPC explores biomass as a carbon neutral fuel source, Ever-Green has shared our experience developing and operating a wood processing facility and a biomass-fueled combined heat and power plant in a downtown urban corridor.

Throughout this project, Ever-Green assisted in developing the requests for qualifications and proposals and participated in the evaluation of teams to select the preferred partner. We also led the development of a business growth plan for the transformed system and supported the development of programs for the technology, operations, and organizational components of the project.

As PSPC aims to grow the federally-owned system to serve both public and private buildings, Ever-Green has advised—drawing from our decades of experience engaging community stakeholders and expanding the customer bases at our utility operations.


  • 2017 – Q3 – Request for Qualifications.
  • 2018 – Q1 – Shortlisted Respondents and RFP issued.
  • 2019 – Q1 – Preferred Partner Selected.
  • 2019 – Q2 – Contract Signed.
  • 2020 – Q2 – Transfer of Operations and Modernization Begins.
  • 2025 – Phase I Modernization Complete.
  • 2025 – Phase II Integration of Renewable Energy Begins.