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Ever-Green Energy  is one of the country’s premier energy system experts, with decades of experience in developing, operating, and managing community energy systems. The unique combination of technical expertise, business acumen, and operations experience has helped communities, colleges and universities, and government organizations advance the study, development, and operation of integrated energy systems. The Ever-Green team will apply its depth of knowledge through every step of a system’s development and implementation, finding sustainable solutions that are financially viable and secure a community’s energy future.

New Job Openings
Visit our employment page to view current openings at Ever-Green Energy in Saint Paul and Duluth.

  • Rice Creek Commons Vision Energy Planning from Brownfield to Sustainable Redevelopment

    Planners, developers, businesses, and regional stakeholders are prioritizing localized energy solutions and technologies in their redevelopment planning. Although these solutions work in many applications, brownfields are the ideal place to develop, test, and demonstrate innovative energy solutions. And now is the ideal time to imagine the possibilities. Brownfields offer a blank canvas without the hindrances… Read more »