What We Do

As both a utility system operator and advisor, Ever-Green has a proven track record of leading advancement from concept through to implementation. Our team understands the complexities of developing and managing advanced systems.

We will work with you to uncover innovative solutions that are financially viable, resilient to changing markets and reliability threats, and environmentally responsible.

Study and planning

A holistic approach to achieving carbon neutrality by 2040

Energy system design and development for improved environmental outcomes

System design, development, and advancement

Low-carbon district energy and black water recycling for sustainable development in San Francisco

Achieving carbon neutrality by 2025 through advancements in efficiency and sustainable infrastructure

Operations, management, and business advisory services

Internationally-recognized community energy system serving Saint Paul through a public-private partnership

Achieving increased reliability, cost savings, and carbon reductions through service and infrastructure transformation on medical campus with level 1 trauma center