Community Utilities

Ever-Green works closely with communities and municipalities in developing, operating, and managing integrated energy systems. Whether your project is a new development with opportunity to integrate innovative solutions or an existing legacy system looking for increased efficiency and reliability, we have uncovered many paths to deliver resilient energy services to customers while decreasing our carbon profile and keeping costs low.

Leading implementation for district energy system serving University of Vermont Medical Center

Internationally-recognized community energy system serving Saint Paul through a public-private partnership

Low-carbon district energy and black water recycling for sustainable development in San Francisco

Energy system design and development for improved environmental outcomes

Energy master planning for system growth and stability

Modernizing a legacy system and converting heating distribution from steam to hot water

Designing a low-carbon heating and cooling network through innovative partnership

Transforming a brownfield into a net-zero development through low-temperature, renewable district energy service

Modernizing Ottawa’s energy systems through biomass integration and converting from steam to hot water

Providing renewable heat and electricity through coordinated management and operations of biomass-fueled combined heat and power plant

Biomass procurement and processing operations serving combined heat and power and district energy

Increasing efficiency, versatility, and service quality in a 26-building campus in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Energy system design and development for improved environmental outcomes

Advancing Duluth’s legacy system by increasing efficiency, reducing carbon, and transitioning from steam to hot water distribution

CoolCo provides district energy services to the Central Business District in Cincinnati