Energy Park Utility Company

Energy Park Utility Company

Investing for Increased Efficiency, Versatility, and Service Quality

Ever-Green Energy serves as the operations and management provider for the Energy Park Utility Company (EPUC), a utility established to serve a brownfield urban corridor redeveloped by the Saint Paul Port Authority in 1983. EPUC provides heating and cooling services to the mixed-use business center offering office space, schools, light industrial manufacturing facilities, health clinics, a hotel, and more than 780 affordable and market-rate housing options within Energy Park.

Ever-Green’s Role

Since 1997, Ever-Green has served as the system operation, maintenance, and management team for EPUC. Ever-Green is responsible for maintaining the highest possible level of reliability to the EPUC customer base, which includes mission-critical data centers and also manages customer service, metering, billing, capital planning, and maintenance for the system.

In 2014, our team also led the conversion of the two-pipe distribution system to a four-pipe system to better serve the heating and cooling needs of the customer base. Throughout that project, Ever-Green led the development of financing packages, extension of customer contracts, pre-construction engineering, distribution system design, construction oversight, and implementation of various plant and customer building improvements for enhanced efficiency.


  • 1983 – Energy Park was purchased by the Saint Paul Port Authority and redeveloped.
  • 1997 – Ever-Green was selected as the OMM partner.
  • 2009 – Long-term planning begins for system upgrades, efficiency improvements, and growth.
  • 2014 – System upgraded from two-pipe heating and cooling distribution to four-pipe, as well as expansion of the cooling system, including free cooling.
  • 2018 – Recapitalization of heating equipment and expansion to serve additional customers.
  • 2021 – The Saint Paul Port Authority entered into a long-term lease of Energy Park Utility Company assets with District Energy St. Paul. District Energy, via its affiliate management company Ever-Green Energy, will provide full oversight of the utility business management including system financing, strategic capital investment, and customer care.


Buildings served26 buildings
Current billed demand12.2 MW
Total building area served2.96 million square feet


Three gas/oil-fired boilers11.92 MW
Piping MaterialsPre-insulated steel and PEX piping
Diameter3 inch to 10 inch
Length6 miles
Volume35,000 gallons
Supply Temperature150-180 degrees F
Return Temperature120 degrees F
Supply Pressure80 psi
Reliability rate 99.990%


Buildings served26 buildings
Current billed demand 12.2 MW
Building area served 2.6 million square feet


Six electric chillers4,640 tons
TOTAL 4,640 tons
Piping Materials Insulated ductile iron pipe
Diameter 14 inch to 20 inch
Length6 miles
Volume of distribution system300,000 gallons
Supply Temperature43-50 degrees F
Return Temperature51-58 degrees F
Supply Pressure 50 psi
Minimum pressure differential11 psi
Reliability rate99.990%