The 2024 Minnesota Energy Factsheet is out, detailing trends and progress in Minnesota’s electric sector. Published by Clean Energy Economy of Minnesota (CEEM) and The Business Council for Sustainable Energy, the Minnesota-focused report is a companion to the nationally-focused Sustainable Energy in America 2024 Factbook.

As we continue to see an uptick in the development of geothermal, geoexchange, aquifer thermal energy storage, and wastewater heat exchange systems paired with heat pumps, a decarbonized electric grid is key to achieving net zero heating and cooling goals.

“The rapid decarbonization of Minnesota’s power sector is providing exciting pathways to accelerate the decarbonization of entire communities and campuses,” says Ken Smith, District Energy St. Paul President and CEO.

From the increased funding opportunities available as a result of the Inflation Reduction Act and Minnesota Climate Innovation Finance Authority (MnCIFA) to the innovations in technology and integration, we are very encouraged to see Minnesota continue as a leader in the clean energy transition.