The Minnesota Climate Innovation Finance Authority (MnCIFA) awarded a $4.7 million loan, the first for MnCIFA, to The Heights Community Energy, who plans to construct and operate a district geothermal energy system at The Heights development on the East Side of Saint Paul.

The new system will be one of the first aquifer thermal energy storage systems in Minnesota at The Heights — a 112-acre, mixed-use redevelopment project that will bring 1,000 new housing units and 1,000 living wage jobs to Saint Paul. The loan will enable the installation of essential infrastructure for the geothermal district energy system as development moves forward this summer.

The Heights Community Energy will own and operate the geothermal system under the direction of District Energy St. Paul, Ever-Green Energy’s parent company and a long-standing nonprofit utility partner to the City of Saint Paul, and the Saint Paul Port Authority. The Port Authority is the owner and master developer of The Heights. Ever-Green Energy is providing engineering services to the project development and will operate and manage the system.

Learn more about The Heights development, The Heights Community Energy, and the partners from District Energy St. Paul.