A webinar on financing strategies and organizational approaches that campuses can use to decarbonize. This is the third in a three-part series in support of our Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality program.


  • Andrew Kasid, CFO, Ever-Green Energy
  • Michael Ahern, SVP System Development, Ever-Green Energy

Summary: Alternative business and financing strategies may be the key to moving campuses away from carbon-dependency. Implementation success is often limited by a campus’s ability to consider long-term organizational and financing alternatives and additional financial levers, such as the social cost of carbon or the ongoing maintenance costs and risks of not modernizing energy infrastructure. We know that financing mechanisms, debt limits, private market penetration, and adopting business structures within an existing campus business entity can be big hurdles to overcome. Integrating a campus with the adjacent community could open up new pathways and opportunities to improve, expand, and advance systems. This webinar will focus on projects leveraging alternative business arrangements and financing approaches to help campuses and communities achieve their decarbonization goals. It will include opportunities identified within the Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality cohort and other projects led by Ever-Green Energy.

Key Discussion Topics:

  • Aging infrastructure
  • Long-term financing alternatives
  • 3rd party ownership structures
  • Nonprofit funding strategies
  • Integrating or adopting a cost of carbon into financial models
  • Comparing alternatives for short and long-term infrastructure investment
  • The role of sustainable infrastructure
  • Governance structures and how they impact financing options